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Eye Lash Extensions
Nail Salon Arroyo Grande
Cool Night Out Christmas Party!!
CoolSculpting San Luis Obispo County
$300 OFF CoolSculpting!!!!


Eye Lash Extensions
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Eye Lash Extensions

Eye Lash Extensions

Introducing our newest Adara Team Member, Samantha! Samantha is a certified Lash Extentionist and a licensed esthetician.  We will be offering Samantha's Eye Lash Extensions for $99 (regular $175) though February 2014.  

Samantha is also an expert at body and facial waxing (she can do a full brazillian bikini wax in about 15 mintues! Check out our waxing services page for pricing.  

Nail Salon Arroyo Grande

Adara Med Spa is now offering full nail salon services!  Kelly does an amazing spa pedicure and manicure, gels that last weeks, and more!  Please visit our nail salon page for her very reasonable prices!  WE LOVE KELLY'S NAILS!!!  http://www.adaramedspa.com/Nail-Salon.html

Kelly is here Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 9am - 2pm.  Call to schedule an appointment today! 805-473-3530

Cool Night Out Christmas Party!!

Adara Med Spa 
310 S. Halcyon Road Suite 103
Arroyo Grande, CA 93420

Cool Night Out Christmas Event
Wednesday, December 4th 5pm - 9pm

Come enjoy food, wine, and friends and learn about CoolSculpting, the most innovative, non-invasive alternative to liposuction! 
Special Event Pricing on all Med Spa Services!

$300 Off CoolSculpting 
50% Off Laser Hair Removal
50% Off IPL Photo Facials
25% Off Med Spa Packages
50% Off Massage and Facial Gift Certificates

Please RSVP to Adara Med Spa at 805-473-3530

CoolSculpting San Luis Obispo County

Adara Med Spa (serving San Luis Obispo County) is having GREAT results from CoolSculpting!  We have had so many people love the first CoolSculpting treatment they did, they have come in for a second! We are very excited and pleased with the treatments so we have decided to offer some package pricing!  Please call to schedule a free consultation.  We will take excellent care of you, make sure you are will informed, and keep you comfortable and entertained! Let us Freeze your Fat away!  SLO COUNTY FAT FREEZING/COOLSCULPTING P.805-473-3530

$300 OFF CoolSculpting!!!!

$300 OFF CoolSculpting when purchased at our Special Event Thursday, 9/26/13 from 4pm-7pm RSVP to Adara at 805.473.3530

CoolSculpting. Freeze the FAT.


With CoolSculpting you can get back the body you once loved.  

Got to the beach without a shirt.

Wear clothes that are tight in all the right places. 

Turn your body into your best outfit.

Look good and feel even better!

CoolSculpting is the non-surgical body contouring treatment that freezes away stubborn fat.  1 hour.  Permanent results.  
Call us for a free consultation!
P. 805.473.3530

ViPeel Post Peel Instructions Days 1 - 7

Your Post Vi-Peel Instructions 
Day 1. You will leave the office with the ViPeel solution on your skin and will be given a post peel kit. Nothing is to be applied to the area treated on day one (no SPF, makeup or moisturizer of any kind). The peel must be the only thing on your skin in order to allow time for proper penetration. Make sure you leave the ViPeel solution on for at least 6 hours. You must stay out of the sun.Night of Day 1. Wash the peel off one hour before bedtime that evening and apply the (Retine A/Vitamin C towelette) into the skin and sleep with it in the skin that first night.


Melasma.  It's stubborn pigmentation caused by hormones... sometimes called the pregnancy mask. Melasma is a very common skin disorder. Though it can affect anyone, young women with brownish skin tones are at greatest risk, women who are taking birth control pills (oral contraceptives) and women taking hormone replacement therapy (HRT) during menopause.  Sun exposure is also a strong risk factor for making melasma worse, as it just plain old HEAT (Frustrating!!)  Even extremely hot weather, prolonged hot showers or steam rooms can make that skin darker!